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Cat Friendly Practice

Garden Valley Veterinary Hospital is a designated Cat Friendly Practice in Windsor! If you’re a cat owner living in or around Windsor, your cat may benefit from our services. Knowing what a Cat Friendly Practice is and what kind of accommodations Cat Friendly Practices make for cats can help you decide whether or not our practice is right for your cat’s needs.

Cat Friendly Practice - Garden Valley Vet

What is a Cat Friendly Practice?

Cat Friendly Practices are veterinary clinics that have made special accommodations. Most cats are highly sensitive to loud, unfamiliar environments. When stressed, cats can react very negatively and may be difficult to manage. As a result, many cats never go to the veterinarian, or only go to the veterinarian a few times in their lifetime. This lack of proper medical care can lead to poor health, an early death or a life of chronic pain for your cat.

At Garden Valley Veterinary Hospital, we’ve made our practice into a Cat Friendly Practice to ensure that our veterinary clinic is the type of place where cats can come to receive low-stress veterinary care. As a Cat Friendly Practice, we’ve made changes to our waiting room, our veterinary equipment and the training of our veterinary professionals. These changes help ensure that our cat patients will feel welcomed and calm at our facility.

Benefits of a Cat Friendly Practice in Windsor

There are many benefits of a Cat Friendly Practice in Windsor including:

  • Cats enjoy a more positive experience at the veterinary office. With a calm, quiet waiting room, specially trained veterinary professionals and cat friendly equipment in our clinic, we help ensure that your cat will have a positive experience when he or she visits our veterinary office.
  • Cats develop a stronger and healthier relationship with the veterinarian. The more comfortable your cat is when he or she visits the veterinarian, the easier it will be for the veterinarian to treat your cat for chronic conditions.
  • Cat owners are more likely to bring their animal friend to the veterinarian. The experience of bringing the cat to the veterinarian is less stressful when the cat is comfortable and happy. As a result, cat owners are more likely to make return visits to the vet.
  • Cats enjoy better quality of life and are more likely to live longer, fuller lives. Everyone wins when your pet gets regular veterinary care! Your cat will get early treatment for his or her conditions and as a result may enjoy better quality of life.

Services Offered for Cats in Windsor

At Garden Valley Veterinary Hospital we offer a range of services for cats in Windsor and the surrounding area. We provide a wide variety of preventative services as well as treatments for common illnesses and conditions. Some of the services we offer to cats include:

  • Vaccines. We provide a range of core and non-core vaccines to cats of all ages to help keep our feline patients healthy.
  • Spaying and neutering services. Spaying and neutering help stop pet pregnancies and can even protect your pet from a range of diseases that affect the reproductive system.
  • Dental care. Dental care helps protect pets from cavities, periodontal disease and infections. Getting your pet dental care can help protect your pet from lost and missing teeth.

Contact Your Pet’s Cat Friendly Practice Today

As your Cat Friendly Practice in Windsor CO, we’re your source for cat care in the community. To make an appointment, contact us today at 970-674-5105.


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