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Cat Grooming

Cat Grooming Tips and Benefits

From the moment they are born, cat grooming techniques are a part of every cat’s life. For the most part, cats take care of their own grooming needs; however, every once in a while your kitty will need a little assistance. There are some cats that don’t tolerate being groomed, so if your pet fights during the grooming process, it is important to make an appointment with your veterinarian or animal hospital to have your cat groomed.

Benefits of Cat Grooming

Regularly grooming your cat helps reduce hairballs and it also gives you an opportunity to carefully inspect their fur, skin, ears, and eyes. Young kitties are also susceptible to ear mites, so when cleaning the ears be sure to check for ear mites (the first sign is dark brown wax in the ear canal). Grooming is also a great way for you and your kitty to bond and if you start the grooming process when they are kittens, the process will be much more pleasant.

Brushing Your Cat

Brushing your cat’s fur helps to remove grease, dirt and dead hair from their coat, as well as stimulates blood circulation, which will vastly improve the condition of their skin. Brushing will also help to reduce the amount of cat hair in the house and on your furniture. Most cats do well with one or two brushings per week, but if you have a long-haired cat, brushing may need to be done every day in order to prevent hair from matting. Be sure to talk to the veterinarian about the best type of brush to use for your cat.

Ear and Eye Care

It is important to check your cat’s ears at least once a week for debris, wax and infection, especially young kittens. If you notice a problem, such as dark, brown wax in your kitten’s ears, you should make a veterinary appointment as soon as possible to ensure there aren’t ear mites or an infection.  If you need to clean your cat’s ears, the animal hospital in Windsor will explain to you the best technique for doing this. The best eye care simply involves routinely check for cloudiness on the eye, inflammation, excessive tearing and/or crust.

Cats need clean and healthy teeth and gums so it is important to routinely check their teeth and regularly brush their teeth. If you aren’t sure how to brush your cat’s teeth or tooth cleaning products to use, be sure to talk with your veterinarian for suggestions.

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