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Fear Free

You’re taught as a child pets have feelings, too. These emotions are deeper than just sad or happy. At Garden Valley Veterinarian Hospital, we want to make sure your visit is a pleasant experience, no matter which one of our services your pet requires. That’s why we offer Fear Free Training.


Definition of Fear Free

Fear Free is a program that supplies veterinary professionals, and even pet owners, with education regarding caring for pets and reducing their fear and anxiety. This particular training focuses on knowledge regarding your pet’s physical and emotional well-being and how they’re connected. The training centers around how a pet’s mind and body work together. Dr. Marty Becker created the program, and it has become one of the most imperative certification programs in the field of veterinary medicine. It allows us to better bond with your pet during his or her visits with us. The program is comprised of eight different modules and an exam at the completion of each module, so you can trust any professional who goes through it does thoroughly understand it.


What We to Learn at the Training

During this animal training program, we learn the skills necessary to ease your pet’s stress and discomfort. We’ll even be able to provide you with education on how to make your pet less fearful at home.


Benefits of Fear Free Training for Your Pet

Fear Free

When you bring your pet in for one of our services, you can use the techniques we teach you, so your pet remains stress-free. A calm pet has a better outcome during a procedure. Your pet won’t respond emotionally, which makes your pet’s visit to us a safe and happy one. Once we get your pet in our hospital, we’ll be able to start treatments sooner. We’ll also be able to examine your pet more thoroughly, which ultimately means the results of your pet’s examination are more accurate. When you drop off your pet for a procedure, you’ll have a peace of mind if you should have to drop him or her off. You won’t feel as bad when you know your pet is calm and relaxed before a procedure.

We feel as though the certification has bettered our practice. We feel as though we’re able to treat your pet better, and we’re able to take the time we need to ensure the accuracy of your pet’s examination. It also leads to your pet being happier and us being able to work with your pet better. We know that this training will help us monitor our patients more thoroughly. Additionally, a calmer pet means we can conduct the treatment much quicker since your pet won’t be stressed.


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