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Cat Boarding

Feline Vaccine Requirements

Garden Valley Veterinary Hospital requires that all cats be fully vaccinated and current on Rabies and FVRCP (feline respiratory) vaccines.  If your cat is not up to date on vaccines or has not received all of the above vaccines, we can update these vaccines for you at a brief appointment prior to dropping off for boarding.  Please note that a physical examination may be required for vaccine administration.  We do not board kittens until they have received their final set of kitten vaccines.

Additional Requirements:

  • All food must be in a waterproof and closable Tupperware container
  • All medications must be in their original containers with prescription labels from the prescribing veterinarian, if applicable, and cannot be expired

Standard Package $22/night

  • Fresh litter box 2 times daily
  • Kennel food available (high-quality sensitive stomach food)

Additional Services Offered

  • TLC individual time with staff $8/session
  • Medication Administration
    • Up to 3 medications $8/day
    • 4 medications of more $5/day
    • Injections (per injection) $5
  • Boarding toe-nail trim $19


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