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World Rabies Day

Importance of Rabies Vaccines | Garden Valley Veterinary Hospital

September 28th is World Rabies Day and since northern Colorado experienced a spike in rabid wildlife this summer, we want to take the opportunity to remind you of the importance of keeping your pet’s rabies vaccination current.

Unless your pet has a health exception from a veterinarian, Colorado law requires that dogs, cats and ferrets over six months of age be vaccinated for rabies. While most people comply with the law when it comes to dogs, the same is not true for cats. All felines—even those who live indoors—should be vaccinated, as cats often escape and wildlife can make its way indoors.

Spaying or neutering will also help protect your pet, as intact animals are more likely to wander. Also, when walking your dog, don’t let him or her approach wild animals.

If you suspect your pet was bitten by or exposed to a rabid animal or need to schedule a vaccination for your pet, request an appointment online or call us at 970-368-4032.