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Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care in Windsor

As pets get older, their risk of developing health problems increases. Senior pets require care that’s a bit different than vet care for younger adult dogs or cats. At Garden Valley Veterinary Hospital, our Windsor veterinarian offers senior pet care to help older pets maintain a good quality of life.

When Do Pets Need Senior Care?

Pets are considered senior depending on their age, size, and species. In general, cats and smaller dogs are usually considered seniors when they reach seven years of age. Medium and large dogs are sometimes considered seniors when they are around six years old.

Senior Pet Problems

Senior pets are at risk of a number of health problems that can affect their quality of life. They might develop heart disease, kidney problems, diabetes, joint inflammation or cancer as they get older.  Senior pets might also become senile and grow physically weaker over time, which can cause challenges in caring for them at home. At our animal hospital in Windsor, we can provide your seniors pets with exams to check for health problems and treat them as needed. We can also offer advice on how to care for your senior pet at home.

Some common problems that affect older pets include kidney disease, arthritis, hip dysplasia, heart disease and urinary tract infections. Your older pets might also have trouble eating if they have gum disease, which can cause them to have loosened teeth as they age and the disease progresses.

Senior Pet Wellness Exams

Senior pets need wellness exams in order to give our veterinarian a chance to look for health problems. When these problems are found early, they can be treated promptly, which lowers the risk of health complications. During these exams, we can also run tests, such as blood tests or urine tests, to check for kidney disease, liver problems, and other health conditions. We will also weigh your pets and check for obesity, which can raise the risk of diabetes and other illnesses. If we find any problems with your senior pets, we will discuss treatment options with you.

If your pets have any health conditions that need to be managed, treated or observed closely, we might recommend coming in for more frequent visits. During these visits, our vet can check the progress of your pet’s condition and discuss any concerns you have about senior pet care.

Contact Our Windsor Veterinarian

If you have a senior dog or cat that needs a wellness exam or other care, please contact Garden Valley Veterinary Hospital at 970-674-5105 to make an appointment. Our Windsor veterinarian can provide your pet with senior care that includes routine exams and treatment for different health problems.


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